Welcome into the “Alta Tensione” web space, paragliding and hang gliding in Tuscany (Italy) .
Inside the card you can find technical data about Plateau of Pizzorne flight; inside some pictures, there are air pictures of some of the most beautiful villas of Lucca; moreover here you can enjoy the amazing view of Lucca from 4600 feet.
In order to help you reach the landing area you can consult the map.


Pateau of the Pizzorne is located in Lucca province.
The takeoff area, visible from plain because it’s imediatley below a high voltage electrical line, is used by paragliding and hang gliding pilots.
Fliyng is almost exclusively in thermal because orography is not suitable for soaring: for this reason Pizzorne is a good training site where you can improve your flyng skill.
Infact, if you know the “hot spots”, with a medium ability , your thermalling flight will last some hours, on days where, in other places, you can only get bored with a soaring flight close to the mountain.
In the summery period using big thermals coming from the plain, quite often, you can achieve an height gain of 3000 ft and more, therefore start XC’ing towards Appennine Chain.
If just isn’t the right day, or if you still haven’t sufficient feeling with your para/hangglide for thermic flight, then a top to bottom flight, expecially with tandem, and with the performance of modern paragliders, will allow you to reach the landing area with a good altitude and enjoy the exicting view of the 17th century villas..



Takeoff altitude: 3223 ft Landing altitude: 400 ft Takeoff- landing distance: 14.000 ft

Takeoff area: Meadow, easy enough; with southwind is necessary to contrast the paraglider, anyway conformation of the valley usually send the wind in front of the pilot.
GPS: N43 56.0451′  E010 35.077

Landing area : For paraglider landing area is located in “Marlia” (LU) : this is a private property so greatest respect of enviroinment is essential: in this way you won’t damage usual users of the area. Landing area is wide, without any problem; from the sky you will see a big meadow divided into two parts by a line of trees: you should land in the west side.
GPS:N43 53.957′  E010 34.819′

Intermediate landings: there aren’t any real intermediate landing; anyway , once flown over the firsth village (south direction) there are many fields of olive trees (quite short to avoid serious damage to pilot and paraglider in most case).BE CAREFUL: roughly in the middle of path takeoff-landing there is a football playground: we advise you against the landing in this area because is often in conditions of rotor; moreover an hig fence make the landing window very small.

Hazards:High voltage electrical line behind take off area.

Suitable for : paragliding and hanggliding

To arrive to take-off area: From SS 12 Abetone- Brennero, in proximity to “Esselunga” supermarket take “MARLIA” direction, when you meet a traffic light take left and go until the end of the straight where there’s a white war memorial, here go right. .At the second crossroads , near a grocery, take left and follow the road about 1 Km until you meet a cross monument. Park your car along the road. Landing area is achievable in a few seconds on feet. ………………see map

To arrive to landing area:The best way is to ask to local pilots to address below to get “visual” information. If possible, “natives” will take you to takeoff area..




Reference: Antonio 392-5071168 e-mail: