Alta Tensione paragliding and hang gliding in Tuscany
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Alta Tensione Paragliding & hang gliding team website English version


  • Takeoff altitude: 3223 ft Landing altitude: 400 ft Takeoff- landing distance: 14.000 ft

    Takeoff area: Meadow, easy enough; with southwind is necessary to contrast the paraglider, anyway conformation of the valley usually send the wind in front of the pilot.
    GPS: N4356.0451'  E01035.077

    Landing area : For paraglider landing area is located in "Marlia" (LU) : this is a private property so greatest respect of enviroinment is essential: in this way you won't damage usual users of the area. Landing area is wide, without any problem; from the sky you will see a big meadow divided into two parts by a line of trees: you should land in the west side.
    GPS:N4353.957'  E01034.819'

    Intermediate landings: there aren't any real intermediate landing; anyway , once flown over the firsth village (south direction) there are many fields of olive trees (quite short to avoid serious damage to pilot and paraglider in most case).BE CAREFUL: roughly in the middle of path takeoff-landing there is a football playground: we advise you against the landing in this area because is often in conditions of rotor; moreover an hig fence make the landing window very small.

    Hazards:High voltage electrical line behind take off area.

    Suitable for : paragliding and hanggliding

    To arrive to take-off area:From SS 12 Abetone- Brennero, in proximity to "Esselunga" supermarket take "MARLIA" direction, when you meet a traffic light take left and go until the end of the straight where there's a white war memorial, here go right. .At the second crossroads , near a grocery, take left and follow the road about 1 Km until you meet a cross monument. Park your car along the road. Landing area is achievable in a few seconds on feet. ..................see map

    To arrive to landing area:The best way is to ask to local pilots to address below to get "visual" information. If possible, "natives" will take you to takeoff area..

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    Reference: Antonio 328-3637613 e-mail:

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